Anyone know a good Kot Dijian tailor?

Did you know that prior to the invention of bioplastics, sequins were made of metal? And not even as part of the Industrial-Rev-Factory-Chic movement — we’re talking like, the rise-of-the-Pyramids-and-Stonehenge crowd.

Like any sensibly-dressed, homespun unicorn-child of today, I fucking LOVE sequins. I wish they could be made using flannels and silks and cottons so I could wear sequined pajamas and lingerie and socks. I also wish there was such a thing as a Kot Dijian tailor, so I could bring him/her all of my existing cellulose-sequined clothing and have them completely remade in the traditional style: 14kt gold coins.

So remember this, kiddies — sequins have the ancient-civ high-fashion seal-of-approval. And with that, I’ve officially died by hyphenation. Bye!

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