January is stupid so let’s all wear sequins

The month of January can be a real bummer. It’s literally the Monday of all months, in which every day is also a Monday. Here’s why January sucks:

  • No more presents.
  • No more money, because you spent it on presents.
  • No more excuses to get drunk in the name of “holiday cheer.” So now you’re just drunk.
  • There’s still relatively less sunlight.
  • Also, it’s still (relatively) cold as balls.
  • New year, new you? More like GOOD GOD THE YEARS GO BY AND I AM STILL THE SAME.
  • There’s literally nothing to look forward to.

Anyway, despite all these sads, I’ve figured out how I’m going to make it through January: I’m going to wear lots and lots of awesome, sparkly, shiny stuff. It’ll be like the holidaze never ended!

Which brings me to this splendiferous sequined romper from Tobi. It’s glam as hell and will make you feel like a modern-day Donna Summer – or any member of ABBA.

I’ve paired it here with my UNIF Vapors hat, as well as one of my many headbands from Deepa Gurnani. The necklace I’m wearing contains 1. a Marc Jacobs razor blade; 2. a Marc Jacobs ring with the words TIBI. IN OMNE TEMPUS (“for you, forever”) on it; and 3. a vial I made containing Swarovski crystals and a few of my dog’s puppy teeth.

Disco ball optional. Except if you’re me. Then it’s pretty much mandatory.



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