This looks a little more like January

That’s the beauty of southern California living for the east coast native – the weather “fluctuations” befuddle us and make us believe that a 5 degree difference = a 30 degree difference.

Case in point:

  • 70 degrees fahrenheit: cutoffs and flip flops and beach time.
  • 65 degrees fahrenheit: UGGs and peacoats and pumpkin spice lattes.

But I’m rather grateful for this absurdity, as I have always wanted a cape coat, and didn’t have to give up on this dream simply because I moved to a warmer home. Cape coats make me think of very cozy, very fashionable superheroes. Like Wonder Woman in a tailored Kigurumi. Or Miranda Priestly in chinchilla.

Which also gets me thinking – what superhero, or kind of superhero, would I be? Well, according to this standard quiz from Buzzfeed, I am Darkwing Duck, which raises some confusing yet nostalgic questions. And according to this awful and typo’d quiz from BuzzFeed, I am Arm-Fall-Off-Boy, which…is exactly what it sounds like, I guess.

…Anyway, this is the Runway Rebel Coat from Tobi and I am in love – with the structure, the shape, the black-gray-taupe palette. Plus, as an added bonus, I had a good laugh zipping up the arm slits completely and bobbing around like an armless trapezoid. Which I suppose fulfills the whole Arm-Fall-Off-Boy prophecy, no?






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